Completion Date: 2016
Location: Proudfoot Lane, London, Ontario
Size:  63,550 sq. ft.
Awards: Don Smith Commercial Building Awards, Award of Excellence New Commercial

The vision for Goodlife Fitness’s new headquarters in London, Ontario, was a development that not only architecturally embodied the company’s modern and recreational ideology but one that also carried this philosophy into the surrounding public realm.
It was with this holistic approach that PETROFF, as the lead consultant on the project, designed and oversaw the construction of a two-storey office building and fitness centre development that now stands as both a modern work environment for over 600 employees and a proud example of architectural and urban design achievement for the city of London. By utilizing creative design techniques and architectural elements, PETROFF was able to deliver an interior that supported Goodlife’s values and ideals through naturally well-lit spaces that are flexible to the client’s current and future needs. At the same time, the building’s architecture successfully contributes to one of London’s arterial streets, effectively uses a previously underutilized site and enriches the surrounding urban fabric without breaking compatibility.