Completion Date: 2005
Location: Vaughan, Ontario
Size:  Office: 16,000 sq. ft    Plant: 108,000 sq. ft.

The Antamex Head Office and Plant, located in Vaughan, Ontario, was built to reflect the high end curtainwall manufacturer’s technical abilities and products. PETROFF’s role as Prime Consultant, providing architectural, interior and urban design services, reflected the high finish workmanship that defines the Antamex corporate brand. The project combines a Class-A designed office space paired with an efficient, large format factory maximizing natural light.

Antamex, an international supplier of curtain wall, envisioned their office as a showcase for their technical abilities and product. The design demonstrates a wide variety of curtain wall products while maintaining a consistent and controlled appearance. Stainless steel, black granite, curtain wall glazing and preformed aluminum panels have been used successfully in portraying various techniques of wall fabrication, and yet the design of the building remains consistent and controlled, through careful attention to the transitions between sections and our ‘master plan’ approach to the façade.