Completion Date: 2002
Location: Peterborough, Ontario
Size:  80,000 sq. ft.

Located on an extensive building site in Peterborough, Ontario, AmeriCredit’s first Canadian office was purposefully sited and designed to facilitate an ambitious future expansion program. Developed through a Design-Build procurement, PETROFF’s role with Design-Build partner – Signum, included full architectural, interior and urban design services. The Fast-Track Design –Build Schedule (34 weeks from pre-design to occupancy) was delivered on time and on budget.

The progressive work space environment accommodates an advanced technology call centre designed with an open office space concept at its foundation. The design embraces the Americredit corporate culture – delivering an important corporate message through architecture. Transparency, flexibility and equality are expressed through built form, functional adjacencies and material palette. Simplicity and clarity define the interior layout, whereby an internal street framed by meeting/training rooms, connects the two main entrances. The façade continues this language, contrasting strong horizontal fenestration with the identifiable geometry of the main entrance, further expressing the corporate brand.