Completion Date: 2011
Location: Scarborough, Ontario
Size: 1,600,000 sq. ft.
Awards: International Council of Shopping Centres 2011 Maple Leaf Silver Award

This greenfield site, located on the northern edge of Toronto, draws patrons from the City of Toronto and the City of Markham. PETROFF was retained as prime consultant, to lead the design team and provide architectural, interior and urban design services. Situated on two city blocks, this outdoor shopping destination was envisioned to have a diverse mix of retail tenants and a strong street presence appropriate to its gateway role.

The design of the Markham-Steeles Commercial Development capitalizes on the opportunity afforded by starting with a blank canvas and developing a consistent architectural identity while emphasizing tenant branding and simultaneously integrating it with the surrounding urban context through pedestrian friendly enhancements. Taking advantage of the size of the site, a strong street edge was formed with the provision of ample parking towards the interior of the site. The nearby main intersection of Markham Road and Steeles Avenue was treated as a prominent corner defined by expressive landscaping, a sleek contemporary built form and a site specific commissioned public art sculpture “Toronto 360”.