Completion Date: 2008
Location: Markham, Ontario
Size: 160,000 sq. ft.

The Boxgrove Centre is located in the former hamlet of Box Grove, which is now incorporated into the Town of Markham. PETROFF was retained as the prime consultant, providing architectural, interior design and urban design services. The Boxgrove Centre consists of six standalone tenants and three multi-tenant buildings oriented around a 60 foot clock tower.

The design of the Boxgrove Centre pays homage to its small town roots with an acknowledgement of the past which was important to our client and resonated with the surrounding community. The design radiates from a central 60 foot clock tower, an iconic architectural element that anchors the centre. The surrounding structures employ varying planes and roof lines with a classic earth toned colour palette, providing visual stimulation while echoing the area’s heritage. Furthermore, in the spirit of ‘small town feel,’ architectural elements such as façade glazing, wall articulation, awnings, and canopies enhance the pedestrian enjoyment of the site. The end result is a coordinated image and a safe, attractive, and vibrant commercial destination where people can shop, work and relax.