Completion Date: 2006 to Present
Location: Brampton, Ontario
Size:  14 Buildings, 10 Completed in 2015
Award:  City of Brampton Urban Design Award 2012 Best Site Planning

The business park is strategically located within the south central portion of the City of Brampton, at the intersection of two primary arterial roads – Kennedy Road and Steeles Avenue East. Its location, combined with the nature of the land uses which characterize the site, make it an important piece of the urban fabric. Urban design of the Commercial Business Park was aimed at supporting the functions within it as well as enhancing the image and identity of the City as an attractive and well planned place to live and work.
The 410 and Steeles Commercial Business Park is a high quality development in terms of urban design, site design and material palette. PETROFF’s role as prime consultant included Master Planning, Architecture and Interior Design. A range of land uses including retail, office and light industrial are organized and combined with landscape features and elements to create an attractive and cohesive image that is consistent with the City’s vision for urban design.