Completion Date: 2009
Location: London, Ontario
Size: 760,000 sq. ft.
Awards: Don Smith Commercial Building Awards, Award of Excellence, Commercial Renovation
Client Liason: Levine Consulting

Located in the heart of London, Ontario, the revitalization of the Citi Plaza mixed-use office building and Shopping Centre re-branded the building with a new urban street presence and upgraded interior functions. As prime consultant for this substantial renovation, PETROFF provided architectural, interior and urban design services in a Design-Build format.

The design focussed on the creation of strong street presence further enhanced by LED lighting. A 40-foot curved stainless steel tubular canopy was added to the entrance area branded by the Citi Plaza logo. The ability to program the façade colour-scape defined a unique presence on the London streetscape. Beyond the contextual re-creation, this renovation enhanced ground floor retail and provided a new food court. A unique office environment was defined by the renovation of existing skylights, creation of social office space and re-organized circulation. The result of PETROFF’s impact on Citi Plaza was a decrease in vacancy from 42% in 2002 to 4% in 2009 with food court productivity increasing 317% within the same timeframe.
The Existing Shopping Center, formerly known as the Galleria Mall, had been experiencing significant loss of retail traction. The solution to this was to re-define the upper level of the two storey mall as facilities for Educational Institutions and Office uses. The incorporation of the 120,000 sq. ft. CitiCards facility on the second level completed this conversion, and allowed the relocation of the remainder of retail tenants and food court uses to the ground level.