Completion Date: 1994 to Present
Location: 300+ stores across Canada
Size: 94,000 sq. ft. – 183,000 sq. ft.

Walmart entered the Canadian Market in 1994 based on an extensive national-rollout strategic plan, selected as the architectural firm to drive the national expansion program, PETROFF was integral to this initiative. During the first year alone, PETROFF remodeled 122 existing large format stores to Wal-Mart standards. This program included expansion and remodeling of existing stores, along with new locations of varying prototype size formats. Located in a wide range of enclosed and open-air shopping environments, the Walmart program currently spans the Canadian context with a diverse range of site specific retail formats. As ongoing prime consultant, over the past 20 years, we have kept pace with an evolving brand. PETROFF’s central role in the development of the Walmart program includes site selection, prototype development and site adaptation of prototypes, along with architectural, interior and urban design services for large and small format stores. The program focuses on creating consistency throughout Canada with the Walmart brand identity through both exterior and interior spaces.
Prototype development includes development of the Walmart brand identity in both exterior material palette -which is compliant with local building codes- and energy performance standards. Iconic entrance features extend across the main façade to create a recognizable and pedestrian friendly path for customers. These prominent urban design elements address inclement weather, animate the façade with human scale features and generate brand identity across the development site. Consistency with the Walmart vocabulary is maintained throughout the stores, and expressed in the interior finishes and colours with well-defined spaces focused on the merchandising products.

To achieve success PETROFF balances the Walmart brand identity with the contextual expression of built form, material palette and local streetscape. Our efficient in-house process including materials selection, facilitates the delivery of value…. Each store demonstrates this carefully balanced design approach where an innovative expression respects the specific expectations of the surrounding community. Working intimately with the Wal-Mart design team to help achieve environmental sustainability goals of retrofitting numerous prototype store sizes with 30% more energy efficiency is accomplished using high efficiency mechanical equipment, central temperature monitoring, building envelope innovations, LED lighting, carbon emission and construction cost reductions, sustainable building materials and alternative energy explorations. The environmental sustainability of the building expands beyond the building to the site with the design of pedestrian friendly parking lots that include a variety of soft and hard landscaping, as well as bio-swales, storm retention ponds, and drought tolerant plant species.