Completion Date: 2017
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Size: 11,900 sq. ft.

The TD City Hall Branch is located on the ever-busy corner of Queen & Bay in downtown Toronto, directly across from old and new City Halls along with Nathan Phillips Square. In 2016, the branch underwent an extensive renovation focused on creating a more dynamic, modern and comfortable retail branch for the residents of Toronto. A large sculptural bench & column now anchor the corner of the branch, softening the divide between the interior and exterior and extending the sense of public space created by Nathan Phillips Square opposite on Queen. The largest intervention of the renovation, carving off the corner of the branch is a reference to the original TD Building built on the site which opened in 1902. It too had the corner of the square building removed and we’ve sliced the corner to expose some of the history of both this site, and the TD Bank Group here in Canada.

Our design concept carves away the unnecessary and exposes the history and dedication TD has shown to its customers since the merger between the Bank of Toronto and The Dominion Bank in 1955. This branch is a shining example of TD’s desire to create a bank for the people. Every aspect of this redesign has been done with their customers in mind. The new space is open, inviting, informative, while private all in the same moment. There was a large focus on increasing light, both natural and artificial, which is put in practice by the massive grand staircase opening that was cut into the branch allowing light down onto the concourse level. There was an emphasis on comfort, usability, and connectivity with seating areas on both levels added, free coffee and wifi, and massive digital screens that celebrate local artists, current events, the market, and the City itself through installations and video content tailored to Toronto residents.

The TD City Hall branch is anything but traditional, and thrives in challenging the status quo of typical retail banking. This branch is a Jewel among Giants that separates itself from its surroundings by being bold, while inviting; proud, while small in stature and modern, while comfortable. It celebrates the retail experience and raises the bar on how to design for both the use of the building, and the users who inhabit it.