Completion Date: 2015 to present
Location: 10+ stores across Greater Toronto
Size: 1,348 sq. ft. – 2,635 sq. ft.

Located in a diverse range of retail environments from prominent urban shopping centres to local neighbourhoods, the Starbucks Coffee’s brand is about creating community, in keeping with Starbucks mission statement: “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” The Starbucks Coffee development program speaks to these core values of high quality coffee and food from organic and sustainable sources, respect for the environment and the creation of community. Working closely with the Starbucks Design Management team, PETROFF has been an instrumental part of the Starbucks team in realizing this vision through interior design and urban design services.

Working in BIM Revit programs, the Starbucks brand is delivered with efficiency and precision at each store location. Consistency with the Starbucks identity is expressed through every design decision at every scale – large and small. Exceeding Starbucks’ high expectations is the result of both individual neighbourhood expression and clear brand identity. PETROFF has consistent balanced these complex goals though a collaborative design process which applies to prominent sites which include: Streetscapes such as Spadina Avenue, Shopping Malls such as Square One and Mixed-Use Office Towers such as First Canadian Place.