Completion Date: 1999 to present
Location: 10+ stores across Ontario
Size: 35,000 sq. ft. – 55,000 sq. ft.
Awards: International Council of Shopping Centres Maple Leaf Silver Award, Longos Burloak, Riocan Centre, Oakville, Ontario

Located in open-air shopping environments, the Longo’s program spans Ontario with a diverse range of site specific retail formats. As prime consultant, PETROFF’s role in the development of Longo’s food stores includes architectural, interior and urban design services. The program focuses on creating consistency throughout Ontario with the “Longo’s Vocabulary” both through exterior and interior spaces.

Consistency with the “Longo’s Vocabulary” is maintained throughout the stores, expressed in the Longo’s seasonal magazine, interior image boards, displays, finishes and colours of the exterior materials. From entry to exit, clean lines and earth tones with accent motifs establish an environment defined by simplicity and reflects the corporate theme “Adventure in Food”. The iconic curved roof identifies the building entrance and forms a recognizable gateway to the store. To achieve success PETROFF balances the Longo’s brand identity with the contextual expression of built form, material palette and local streetscape. Each store demonstrates this carefully balanced design approach where an innovative expression respects specific expectations of the surrounding community.