We began in retail.

This taught us how to think about retail, about shopping, about living, about working, about playing and about relaxing. For over six decades PETROFF has been at the forefront of each new retail model that has swept the industry. Extending lessons learned from retail across diverse sectors has resulted in a rich and varied portfolio of work that includes retail, entertainment, hospitality, commercial, mixed-use and residential.

A retail mindset – it’s our DNA.

It’s listening to understand our client’s and their customers. It’s finding new solutions for old problems. It’s managing delivery and providing outstanding service. It’s being fast on our feet, and adapting quickly to the changing world.

It’s partnering.

We believe in the strength of partnerships to achieve goals – with clients, developers, municipalities, users. As creative participants we understand that development is a group effort. Partnerships make good buildings.

It’s building communities.

We love to create great places to work, to congregate, for our families and our lives.  Our work seamlessly integrates into the fabric of our towns and cities at all scales, from an individual street and park spaces to entire districts and beyond – big and small.

It’s innovative.

It’s about defining goals and opportunities that drive the newest industry trends.  It’s our commitment to client collaboration that informs our work, defines our role and promotes your brand identity.

It’s sustainable and accessible.

Reducing our carbon footprint and improving accessibility is key to the work we do. Minimizing the built world’s impact on the natural environment while improving access to a diverse complex community is our shared legacy.
It’s market-driven. We are dedicated to understanding our client’s objectives and are motivated by prevailing market trends. We specialize in marrying the two and playing them back in built form – continuously re-inventing solutions together.

It’s savvy.

In the unforgiving development and construction industry, our work is delivered with consistency and implemented effectively and efficiently. We strive for strong and compelling design solutions that work, are buildable, are maintainable, and are viable – everything else is off the table.

It’s flexible and fast.

Moving quicker and changing more frequently than any other sector, retail sets the pace for our design process. Design that incorporates future flexibility is a critical component of our process, as the retail world is a constantly changing place.  It’s a dynamic world in which we thrive.